Accounts Payable and Receivables

Integrate and streamline accounts payable and receivable processes

Quickly assess customer credit risk while simplifying billing and collections. Improve invoice management and record postings to accounts payable and the general ledger simultaneously for reduced costs and enhanced payment visibility.



Finance for receivables management

By monitoring receivables and customer payments in real time, our software helps you rapidly respond to fluctuating market dynamics, identify risky accounts, and improve financial health. Extend your on-premise solution with cloud innovations to leverage machine learning, bring credit agency expertise into your processes, and improve customer collaboration via a payment portal.

  • On-premise deployment
  • Real-time customer payment data
  • Exception-based receivables management
  • Optimized payment scheduling


Whiz-Tech software provides automated, integrated, and collaborative processes for receivables management, enabling accounting departments to better manage collections and disputes, streamline billing, and lower customer credit risk. As a result, you can decrease the amount of cash and effort tied up in disputes and collections, days sales outstanding, and bad debt write-offs, making better use of cash on hand to fund business operations and new growth opportunities.


Whiz-Tech software streamlines invoice management and accounts payables and reduces costs with automated exception handling, validation, and routing of invoices.  Improve automation to accelerate cycle time, strengthen compliance, boost cash returns, and optimize working capital by capturing more early payment discounts. Mitigate risk and empower suppliers with increased visibility and access to accelerated payments.  Collaborate with suppliers to exchange documents electronically for faster and more accurate invoice processing.

Solve your specific payables and receivables needs

Bring your receivables into the digital business era

Pave the way for new innovations while keeping your financial core stable and strong with payment solutions that enhance customer data access and self-service.

Boost the efficiency of finance teams with shared services

Learn how employees can become more productive by using automated services with transparent analytics that can be accessed from a desktop or tablet.