Financial Planning and Analysis

Improve planning with streamlined financial planning and analysis

Accelerate planning cycles and make decisions based on real-time financial insights using integrated financial planning and analysis (FP&A) processes to enhance strategic planning and performance management.

Business Planning and Consolidation

Accelerate planning cycles, increase profitability, and run finance functions more efficiently with Whiz-Tech Business Planning and Consolidation, version for Whiz-Tech NetWeaver. Optimized to support Finance processes for FP&A, the software helps planners access real-time master data and accruals in without data replication.

  • On-premise deployment
  • End-to-end planning lifecycle support
  • On-the-fly financial analysis
  • Ad hoc simulations

Solve your specific financial planning and analysis needs

Unite transactions and financial analysis

Lead with numbers instead of just chasing them down. By combining transactions and analysis into one fluid stream, you can consolidate financial reporting and execution.

Plan and budget in real time

See how easy it can be to plan and budget with a single, intuitive platform. In this short demo, learn how to streamline planning and budgeting with real-time data access.

Gain instant financial insight

Access financial analysis quickly, employ modeling and prediction features, and use what-if simulations to look backward and forward at your business.