Improved Kitchen Display System

An overhaul of our previous Order Process Display to provide better functionality and complete control of orders from order-taking to delivery.

Create Orders


Orders can be placed from any branch and will be routed to the branch designated for delivery. Simply take in order either online, or via phone and the other branch will be notified by a popup display. A new revamped KDS screen will show tickets of placed orders on ‘Order in Process’ screen and automatically notified to the kitchen for preparation. Finally, when orders are ready they will be displayed to ‘Ready for Serving’screen.

Manage Orders


Every order is time constrained and so the time ticker starts right from the time KOT is printed to when it is delivered to the customers. With different coloring schemes applied to indicate time elapse can distinctly notify user which order is getting delayed and which is right on time. Moreover, all kinds of orders from Home Delivery to Take Away are easily catered to with a holistic management system.

View Status


View order type, current status, time elapsed and other information on a single screen. The screen is easily accessible and updated frequently to give you the latest updates. Its user friendly design allows quickly scan to the right order in minimum time be informed of the status in no time