Manufacturing with Field Service & Dispatch

Many organizations find themselves in a position of making custom manufactured items for their customers, and then needing to provide service for those manufactured items.  Whiztech  Manufacturing with Field Service & Dispatch brings both your Sales and Service departments together in a cohesive synchronized solution.

If your goal is to increase your productivity with an integrated solution we can assist you in finding and adding components that fit together, eliminating duplicate data sources.

Elevate your Service, give your team the tools they need to manage your customer service needs.  Some of the key benefits of an integrated solution include:

  • Seamless Integration with Whiztech Sales Order, Purchase Order and Inventory Management; while also integrating directly with Accounts Receivable.
  • Graphic Dispatch board for proactive management.
  • Improve your customer experience.
  • Accurately schedule the right technician with the right parts to the right service call.
  • Dispatch technicians directly to the call with the ability to add the appointment to the technician’s outlook calendar quickly and easily; emailing them the service ticket information.
  • Capture time on site, capture parts used, capture accurate costs for analysis.
  • Track service calls against contracts.

Each service call could be tracked back to the serialized equipment in Equipment Asset Maintenance.  This will give you a full history, including past service and warranty information.  If you manufactured and sold the unit to the customer, history of the original build is also available including all labor and material transactions.

It is easy to receive incoming phone calls and get the service ticket created while talking to the customer.  Click on the New Call Button and fill in a few prompts of data, pulling existing information from your Whiztech  system.  Right Click to schedule, and email the technician right from the dispatch board.  Associate the call to an existing piece of equipment now, when the call is generated; or later when you obtain the serial number of the equipment.

If your service contract includes a Preventative Maintenance Service Call, you can automatically generate these service calls as a low priority.  Scheduling them in and around inbound service requests.