Protect Financial Transactions from Corruption

Lock Previous Transactions & Calculate Closing

Any sales/stock records from history can now be locked from inadvertent tampering. Feature to save a sales/stock close value and ease future calculations/retrieval.

Sales/Stock Handling


To protect records pertaining to business transactions from inadvertent or malicious modification, data entry lock can be placed. This restricts user to make new entries for transactions in the previous date (from selected date), or edit them. It applies to sales, purchases, inventory and any other business activity. Use formĀ Data Entry Lock, set date and lock.


It is considered a good business practice to close sales on a regular basis. Now to ease your task we provide you with the option to save a calculated sales or stock close value from history. This is easily performed by using controls dedicated for both sales, and stock closing independently. Once performed, the next time you need to evaluate it will quickly fetch the previously calculated value and add further transactions, and optimize data retrieval/calculation.