Support Applications

"Learn more about the applications found in the Whiz-Tech ONE Support Launchpad"

Knowledge Base
"Use our self-service tools such as WHIZ-TECH Support Knowledge Search, My Notes & Knowledge Base Articles (KBAs), Note Assistant and a report about side-effects of WHIZ-TECH Notes to find solutions"

"If you are experiencing an issue with your WHIZ-TECH products, and you are unable to find a solution using the WHIZ-TECH Support Knowledge Search, you can report an incident to WHIZ-TECH Product Support."

Software Downloads

"Find more information about topics related to software downloads such as installations, upgrades, support packages, patches, databases, address directories, reference data and WHIZ-TECH Download Manager."

Users & Authorizations

"Add users, remove users and control which applications on the WHIZ-TECH Support Portal or WHIZ-TECH ONE Support Launchpad are accessible to your company's existing users."

Systems & Installations

"When you purchase an WHIZ-TECH product, an installation is created. It contains systems, which represent the computers on which you installed your WHIZ-TECH product or a tenant that WHIZ-TECH manages for your business in the cloud."


"When working with WHIZ-TECH software, various types of keys may be needed such as license keys to activate the product, migration keys, developer and object (SSCR) keys, plus your own namespaces to modify it."