Keep your systems running at peak performance

Get more value from your new and existing Whiz-tech software with support services , including long-term plans, embedded teams, and remote support.

Support Portal

Visit the whiz-tech Support Portal and the whiz-tech ONE Support Launchpad to search our knowledge base, find solutions to issues, and report incidents.

Digital Business Services

Get support for your transformation journey every step of the way by working with a trusted adviser that knows Whiz-Tech software best.

Help Portal

Become an Whiz-Tech solution expert by accessing documentation for our complete list of Whiz-Tech products and using Learning Journey guides.

Support Portal

Use the Whiz-Tech Support Portal to access technical support resources and product support experts quickly and easily.

Prevent issues before they happen

Find solutions in our extensive knowledge base or with intelligent tools like Guided Answers and Cloud Availability Center

Get help from experts, when & how you need it

For fast issue resolution and prevention, get help directly from Whiz-Tech support experts with our Expert Chat and Schedule an Expert services.

Save time with personalized support

Customize your personal dashboard to quickly access your common tasks – downloading software, checking incidents, managing users, and more

Digital Business Services

Simplify digital transformation to achieve exceptional outcomes quickly and efficiently.

Advisory Services

Get the guidance you need to take the best path toward digital transformation, cloud adoption, and sustainable innovation

Implementation Services

Accelerate the implementation, migration, and adoption of Whiz-Tech solutions with a combination of unique expertise and best practices.

Success and Support Plans

Move on-premise solutions to the cloud with guided support – helping your business adapt and ensure high-performing solutions.

Help Portal

Access Whiz-Tech Help Portal to stay up to date on the latest information on installation, upgrades, and product availability.

Product documentation finder

Browse the complete list of Whiz-Tech products to find documentation on implementation, upgrades, and the latest features.

Learning Journeys

Use structured visual guides to navigate the path to becoming fully competent with high-priority Whiz-Tech solutions.